We are approaching the fourth quarter of 2022 so our 3-Phase plan for 2023 has begun for Road to Reliance! We have really worked hard to develop a more self-reliant and profitable year here on the homestead.

And today, I am going to share our 3-Phase plan with you.

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Food forest and nursery
Our future nursery and food forest

Our Big Goals for 2023

Next year is all about growing into a more self-reliant and profitable farm/homestead. in order for that to happen, we decided to sit down and make a 3-Phase plan.

We started by brainstorming all of the tasks and projects we wanted to do. Then we ranked all of the tasks by priority. Once we knew all that we wanted to accomplish, we set out to schedule those tasks throughout the year.

Some tasks were added to our 4th quarter plans of 2022 so we had a jump start on the new year. After those tasks were added we moved the rest of them to our 2023 calendar.

3 phase plan

4th Quarter Plans of our 3-Phase Plan

In order for our plans for 2023 to work we decided to split our plans into a 3-phase plan. Phase one will be complete during the 4th quarter of 2022. Phase 2 will be completed through the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2023. Finally, Phase 3 will be completed during the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2023.

Phase 1 plans are the foundation and preparatory plans for all of the new projects in 2023. These plans will get everything placed where we need them to be in order to accomplish Phase 2.

These plans include moving all of the smaller animals within a fenced 5 acre area. Fencing will be designed to enclose the smaller animals and allow the horses and cows access to the rest of the property. Moving them closer and within a fence will do two things. First it will add a second layer of protection from any coyotes. Second it will make it more convenient to not only feed all of the animals, but they will be closer for us to haul the manure for our compost and our gardens.

Fencing up to separate cows and horses from main living and gardening areas

We will also set up both a shaded plant nursery and a sun loving nursery for us to sell our fruit, vegetables, herbs, and perennials to the public.

The last of Phase 1 plans include solar panels being installed and maintenance projects being completed.

New solar equipment ready to be installed

Task List for 4th Quarter

  • Make sure perimeter of entire property is fenced
  • Fence off main living areas
  • Allow the cows and horses to run the entire property minus the living areas, giving access to the lake
  • Eliminate pigs from 17 to 4. (We have too many and the feed bill is extremely high)
  • Move the pig pens from their current position to the back half of the property near the lake
  • Split the chickens up by breed and install new smaller coops and runs for each breed closer to the vegetable garden and tiny house
  • Place 20 rabbits in the freezer
  • Move the remaining rabbits by breed into new hutches closer to the vegetable garden
  • Install 2 duck pens with small filtered ponds behind tiny house.
  • Install a vegetable garden where pig pens were with irrigation
  • Install 3-bin compost system next to greenhouse
  • Clear area in woods for shade tolerant plant nursery and cover with landscape fabric
  • Lay fabric for sunny plant nursery in front of main house
  • Have solar installed for main house and tiny house
  • Move banana trees and lemon grass to food forest
  • Install irrigation for entire 5 acre area
Pig pens
Future site of vegetable gardens once pigs are moved

Phase 2 Plans for 2023

Phase 2 of our 3-Phase plan will start in January and run through June. During this time we will be growing many plants, both in the greenhouse and in the gardens. We intend on 3 vegetable gardens, 2 herb gardens, an orchard, and a perennial garden. There will also be 2 medicinal gardens as well.

Our plants will be potted and placed for sale in the nurseries. Harvested food and herbs will be sold at a farm stand we will build near the road and at farmers markets locally.

Vegetables harvested
Our vegetable harvest

The rabbits and pigs will both get bred and the babies will be sold. Some of the chickens fertile eggs will go in the incubator, hatched, and then sold. Some will be kept here as breeders and/or sold as laying hens. And of course we will continue selling eggs daily. The same will work with the ducks.

Our Phase 2 will be all about growing and marketing our homestead as well as offering classes onsite to families and children who wish to learn gardening, growing their own food, and harvesting.

Chicken coop and run
Current chicken coop and run. Will be storage and used for future chicks til old enough to be in main flock.

Phase 3 plans

Phase 3 of our 3-Phase plan will start in July and end in December. During this phase we will be opening our tiny house to be an Airbnb for those who wish to stay the week or just a weekend and take part in farming and homesteading with us. We will expand the onsite classes to the public as well as the schools.

During Phase 3, we will introduce cottage foods as well as other products to our shop page. These include: natural cleaners and bath and body products, prepping and survival products, and aprons and various other clothing items.

Natural cleaners
Experimenting with natural cleaning recipes before marketing the.

During Phase 3, we will continue to expand and grow the tasks and projects from Phase 1 and 2.

Final Thoughts on Our 3-Phase Plan for 2023

By making a 3-Phase plan for our property and homestead we hop to fulfill our dreams of having a profitable and more self-reliant homestead. I hope that this has helped you start thinking about what you want to accomplish on your property.

If you don’t know where to start, or need a more structured way of planning your new year, I have included a small mini workbook below. In it you will find worksheets to fill out to help you plan for a successful year!

Fill out a FREE Brainstorming sheet and track all of your ideas. Then Fill out the Tasks and Projects Sheet.

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