You’re on the clock 24/7 as a parent, especially when you’ve got a newborn. You and your partner are up at all hours settling your new bundle of joy into home life, often feeling overwhelmed and all-around exhausted. Because of this, who knows what might slip by in the meantime? As such, your home can get messier than usual, and that can get super frustrating after bringing home your baby.

Whilst you’re a parent who shouldn’t need to focus on anything other than your newborn, facing the mountain of clutter might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back! But you don’t have to wait for the mess to build into a mountain; you can stop it before then with just a few little ideas. Check them out below. 

Family and a new baby

10 Minutes a Day

That’s all you need to do with a newborn in the house. Take 10 minutes to just load the dishwasher or vacuum the floor and get the worst of the mess out of the way. The rest can wait! It’s not necessary to tidy up now and will just tire you out further. Get the necessary jobs out of the way, like cleaning the plates you eat off and the cups you drink from, and your home will function just as well as it always did. 

Take Baby Along with You

If you can strap them into a papoose or wrap them up in your own cardigan, you can clean them whilst also keeping an eye. Your baby won’t really care what you get up to, as long as they’re comfortable and always with you. Make sure you can go hands-free as you carry them around and you can grab a bin bag or a duster and get to cleaning on your usual schedule once you’ve got the energy for it. 

Baby in carrier

Save Up for New Storage

A new baby in the house means lots of new clothes, toys, and equipment, and you might not know where to put it all. It might end up all over the floor, the dining table, the kitchen counters, and the sofa. All in all, the baby has a lot to their name and they’re only just a few weeks old! So why not do yourself a favor early on and think about investing in something like built in wardrobes or under seat drawers? Just somewhere you can just throw things without much fuss and then easily find them again later – simple! 

Ask a Friend

If you’ve got some errands to run, like taking rubbish and old furniture down to the local tip or needing to hit the laundrette, ask a friend if they could help out. It might take a lot of courage to do so, but 9 times out of 10 you’ll get a yes in response. 

Bringing home your baby isn’t the end of your state of harmonious tidiness. You just need to be clever about the way you clean up, and never run yourself short trying to do so! 

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