Kitchen garden

Have you ever wondered exactly what a “kitchen garden” is or how it differs from a regular vegetable garden?  For starters, a kitchen garden or potager (pronounced puh-ta-zhay). It is a special kind of edible garden with a rich history tracing back to old English and French culinary gardens.   MuchContinue Reading

Blossom rot on tomatoes

Blossom rot, or blossom end rot, is a common problem encountered by tomato gardeners. The condition is characterized by a dark, rotten spot at the blossom end of developing tomatoes. Fortunately, there are ways to combat blossom rot before it starts. However, once it appears on an individual fruit, thereContinue Reading

Tomatoes growing in the garden

Are you ready to start growing tomatoes like never before? If you are practicing self-reliant gardening, then this post is for you! If you want to grow the healthiest and most delicious tomatoes you possibly can this gardening season, take some pointers from the pros. There are a few veryContinue Reading

How To Start a Food Forest

Are you ready to learn how to start a food forest on your property? A food forest is an excellent way to provide food for your family year after year. Becoming more self-reliant means growing as much of our own food as possible. After researching the best ways to growContinue Reading

DIY Seed Starters

Are you ready to ditch those plastic trays that harm the environment and create your own simple and free DIY seed starters on your homestead? Then checkout the creative ways we have started our seeds this year. It is so important that we all do our part to stop usingContinue Reading

Are you tired of not knowing what you planted in your kitchen garden or herb garden because your tags faded? Solve the problem by making DIY weatherproof plant markers from your wood scraps. These cute and very creative plant markers are so easy to make and don’t cost anything ifContinue Reading