dumster rental service vs junk removal services

Often, we hold on to sentimental items, and over time, we accumulate junk of things we no longer use. While recycling and donating are feasible ways to deal with such, finding alternative solutions may also be necessary. This could mean choosing between a dumpster rental vs junk removal services. SomeContinue Reading

asbestos pieces

Asbestos is an extremely dangerous material that shouldn’t be handled without the proper knowledge and safety precautions. Because of this, asbestos testing is often a requirement prior to renovation projects. By reading this guide you will learn the basics. What is asbestos? Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that wasContinue Reading

Modern villa

You might be pondering going on vacation soon. Everyone needs a break from their home and homestead. This time, you want to leave your state. In fact, you want to go somewhere with a villa. But you want to make sure that you get a unique one. Like St JohnContinue Reading

dehydrate celery featured image

Dehydrate celery in your dehydrator today and provide your pantry with another healthy addition to stews and other hot cooked meals. As an added bonus you can even make celery powder and celery salt. Wouldn’t it be nice in the freezing cold of winter to be able to add niceContinue Reading

homemade cleaners featured image

Would you like to start making your own homemade cleaners for your home? Most families are more eco-conscious and are steering away from harsh chemicals. Instead, they are resorting to natural cleaning products. Natural cleaners are safer for your family, your pets, and the environment. Most of them contain simpleContinue Reading