Are you tired of not knowing what you planted in your kitchen garden or herb garden because your tags faded? Solve the problem by making DIY weatherproof plant markers from your wood scraps.

These cute and very creative plant markers are so easy to make and don’t cost anything if you have a few supplies on hand. The best part is that they also recycle wood scraps that you probably have laying around.

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Finished Garden markers

I used to use those popsicle sticks we all have to mark my seed trays. The problem was that after a few waterings, even with permanent marker, the ink would run. Then I would have to either remember what I planted or guess. Either way, I needed a solution.

I had some scrap wood blocks laying in a bucket. My man was going to use them to start a fire. I had an idea and took all of his “fire starters” into the house.

With a bit of creativity, my DIY weatherproof plant markers were born.

Materials for My DIY Weatherproof Plant Markers

To make these DIY weatherproof plant markers I used what I already had on hand. These items included:

  • Scrap pieces of wood (any wood will work and you can cut them down if needed)
  • Sandpaper of a fine grit (I sanded the edges of my blocks but it is not necessary)
  • Craft Paint and some small paintbrushes
  • Polyurethane (exterior)
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Dowel Rods
  • Drill and a 1/8″ bit
Materials for Plant Markers

I had all of the items from previous projects firstly, and secondly, because I am a hoarder of all things crafty! So the cost of this project was only $3.99 which I spent for the mini Gorilla Glue Tubes I bought.

I also used craft paints like the ones you find at Michael’s, but you can use any paint. Just make sure it is exterior paint. Mine was not, so I had to coat the signs with poly to protect them.

As for the dowel rods, I had some wooden skewers that I had from my kitchen. We just cut them in half. You can buy packages of wooden dowels for this project for $1 at the Dollar Tree.

Making Your Plant Markers

Gather your wood scraps. If you want, you can cut them or sand them. I allowed the squares to be whatever size they were. I simply sanded any rough edges.

The next step is to paint them all one color. I choses white because it is easier to read the words on them. I originally intended to simply write the plant name on them.

Basecoat on plant markers
Base coat of white

Once they all have a good base coat it is time to label them and decorate them. I decided to draw some vegetables on them and then write the name. You don’t have to draw a picture, I chose to because after searching Google it was easy to copy the drawings.

Check out the video below for how to draw basic vegetables for those who think they can’t draw.

You can use a paint marker to label them also. I find these to be expensive for the little use I give them so I handprinted mine.

Painted and labelled DIY weatherproof Paint Markers
Labelled and painted

Finally, paint them with a few coats of polyurethane to protect them unless you used exterior paint. Allow them to dry for the time stated on the poly can.

DIY weatherproof plant markers with one coat of poly
Plant Markers with coat of poly

When they are completely dry, find a drill bit that matches the size of your dowel rod. Drill a hole in the bottom in the center of each sign.

Drilling the hole in the bottom of the plant marker
Drilling a small hole to fit the dowel rod

After making sure the dowel rod fits on the drilled hole, drop in a few drops of glue in the hole and insert your dowel rod.

I also treated the dowel rods with polyurethane to make then last longer. You can also paint them or spray them if you wish. Here is the finished product.

Finished Garden markers

Tips and Other Suggestions for Your Plant Markers

These are only one type of DIY Weatherproof plant markers you can make. You can use pieces of PVC lattice, pallet boards, lathe boards, even bricks or pavers. Be creative and look for things you have laying around.

As far as the rods I used, next time I will use pieces of wire. Old tomato cages that can’t be used anymore are great for rods, as are heavy wire hangers. Just cut the pieces to the length you need.

If you try these DIY weatherproof plant markers, send me a message and a photo and let me know how they turn out!

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