Dog grooming is a great way to bond with your pet. And it’s also necessary if you want to keep your dog free of mats, ticks, and other things that can cause health issues. Here are some essential dog grooming practices used by pros you should follow:

pomeranian at groomers

Dog Grooming Practices

1. Make sure you have the right tools. You’ll need a brush, a comb, a nail clipper, and some shampoo. And maybe even some treats if you’re grooming him before he eats!

2. Get an idea of what the breed standard is for his coat type. If he’s got a long coat, make sure it’s not too long. If he has short hair, make sure it’s not too short!

3. Brush/comb thoroughly before bathing. This will help get rid of any tangles or mats that might be forming in his fur. And will also make him feel more comfortable during the bath itself.

4. Be gentle during the bath! Dogs can get scared during this time because they don’t like to be wet or cold (especially if they’re in an unfamiliar place). Try talking to your dog while you bathe him so that he knows what’s happening and isn’t upset by it

5. Bathe your pet with shampoo that’s specifically made for animals; don’t use human shampoo unless specifically instructed by your vet! Rinse thoroughly afterward so there are no soap residues left over on their body (this can cause irritation).

6. Rinse out any excess dirt or debris from the coat using a hose or bucket of water. Use a conditioner on their fur if it’s dry or brittle; this will help keep it healthy and shiny!

7. Dry off your animal with a towel after bathing them. Make sure not to rub too hard because this can cause skin irritation or even bleeding! You can also use blow dryers that are designed for pets (check out [product name] if interested).

dog in a towel


As you can see by now, dog care for grooming is not rocket science, just good attention and patience. Some people believe that dog grooming at home is not worth the effort. A professional groomer will do it faster and better. But honestly, if done on a regular basis, your furry friend will appreciate your time and efforts in this regard. After all, it’s your love that is going to show while grooming him or her.

Author bio-

Emma Anderson has been involved with dog grooming for the past 15 years and now wants to share her experience and knowledge with others.

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