Winter is coming. That means the leaves are falling and many are wrapping up their gardening chores. Now is the perfect time to try some fall composting ideas on your farm or homestead.

In this post I will share some fall composting ideas you may or may not have heard of. However, they will all be beneficial ways to produce some excellent “black gold” for your springtime garden.

The 3 Bin Composter

In the 3 bin compost system, commonly made from pallets, compost is started in the first bin. When the first bin is full, the second bin is started, as you fill the second bin, the first bin should be about ready to start using. Once the second bin is full you move to the third bin.

When you move to the third bin, the first bin is about used and you can start using the new compost in the second bin. Now the process is repeated continuously. You can read The Ultimate Guide to Composting.

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Compost 3 bins
Compost 3 bin system

The Compost Mound

This method is simple. You combine a mixture of browns and greens and keep it covered. You turn it constantly and keep it damp and hot until it eventually turns into compost.

This is a longer process and can get messy since it is not confined to a container however the process works as far as making compost goes.

Compost mound
Compost mound

Ground Composting

With the ground composting method, you simply put your food scraps and other compost material directly on the ground in the actual garden bed where the compost is needed. If done right, you will even attract quite a few worms to your garden bed. That’s always a plus.

There are ups and downs to in-ground composting. By leaving food scraps directly on the ground you can attract rats and other wild life. Also, HOA’s tend to have an issue with you piling anything in a garden bed, especially if others may be able to see it.

Be sure to make sure you use caution and verify this method won’t be an issue.

on-ground composting
Placing scraps directly on garden soil

Leaf Rings

One of the easiest ‘set it and forget it’ type composting ideas is the leaf ring. I use this method every fall.

To use this method, you simply keep some leftover fence roll pieces. You stand them up in a ring and stake them to the ground. Once erected, you simply fill the ring with fallen leaves, some soil, grass and whatever you would normally add to a compost pile.

These rings can sit over winter, covered if needed. In the springtime you should have some rich compost. This is my favorite composting method. The nice thing about these rings is that you can add more at anytime, and you don’t have to worry about turning them if you keep them narrow.

Leaf ring


The last fall composting idea I have for you is to use vermicomposting. This is simply placing some shredded newspaper in a bin. You wet the newspaper until it is just damp. Add some worms, a bit of soil, and food scraps as needed.

This method takes a bit longer. It produces worm poop or more tastefully called, worm castings. These castings can be added to small garden areas and makes excellent nutrients for your garden soil. You can read How To get Started With Vermicomposting.

Worm in soil
Worms for vermicomposting

Are you ready to up your composting game with some of these fall composting ideas? Be sure to check out my the Prepping Positively Podcast, Episode 21, Great Composting Ideas for the Fall also!


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