When buying a home, there are a lot of things to consider: the size of the house, the neighborhood it’s in, whether or not you can afford the mortgage payments. It can feel like there are so many moving parts that it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why you need a home-buying team/

Here are the 6 people you need to help guide you through the process on your home-buying team:

Couple with realtor

1 –  A Real Estate Agent

They should be someone who knows all about the local market and has experience with buying and selling homes in your area—they’ll know what’s hot and what’s not, so they can help steer you away from properties that won’t sell quickly or well. They should also be someone who can get you the best price possible for your new home.

2 – An Attorney

You also need an attorney who specializes in real estate law to review any legal documents related to buying your new home. An attorney will review every detail before signing off on anything so that there are no mistakes or unexpected costs later down the line.

Real estate attorney

3 – A Mortgage Lender

And finally, of course, no buying team would be complete without a mortgage lender! Your mortgage lender will work with you on finding an appropriate loan amount based on what type of mortgage suits your needs best: fixed-rate mortgages offer

4 – Your Family

If this is the first time buying a home with someone else, having them there can make a big difference in how smoothly things go when closing on the house itself. Having someone who knows what they’re doing there with you can ease some of those anxious moments when negotiating with sellers or lenders over details like closing costs.


5 – Your Home Inspector

They will inspect the property and let you know if there are any issues with it that weren’t disclosed by the seller or covered in the disclosures.

6 – Your Closing Agent:

This person will take care of all of the paperwork once closing has occurred so that your funds are delivered quickly and accurately.

closing agent

The Bottom Line:

If you’re going to invest a significant amount of money in your home, then you need to have a solid home-buyer team in place to help you along the way. Home buying can be overwhelming, so make sure you have every angle covered so that your new home becomes a comfortable, enjoyable space.

Author bio-

Meryll Russell has been a Realtor since 2004 and got her Broker’s license in 2019. She has sold homes all over Southern California. Meryll received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from USC. She loves handling the internet marketing & social media aspects of our business. Her first job out of college was working for IBM selling personal computers. She has over 20 years of sales and negotiation experience.

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