You don’t have to live on a farm or even own a parcel of land to start your homesteading adventure. In this post, we are going to look at the possibilities of homesteading without land.

That’s right! You can absolutely start homesteading without owning or having access to a single plot of land. Does this sound crazy to you? Does this seem impossible? Well after reading this post I bet you change your mind.

In a recent survey that I offered to both my email subscribers and on my home page, I was surprised at some of the answers I got. I asked, “What is keeping you from getting started at homesteading?” An overwhelming number of responses stated,  “not having the land!”

Are you one of those people who hasn’t begun their journey to homesteading because you have no land? Then today I am going to give you every reason to start homesteading now. Are you ready?

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You Don’t Need An Outdoor Garden

Many people think you have to have a big garden and grow all your own food to be a homesteader. That’s silly! Having a garden is wonderful, but not everyone can maintain one. Even those that have land sometimes have no gardens at all.

If growing some food is important to you, grow them indoors or on a patio. Container gardens and indoor herb gardens are all the rage right now and they take up minimal space.

You can grow so much food in smaller containers both on the patio or balcony or indoors on a windowsill.

Balcony garden for homesteading without land
Balcony garden

Good ideas for containers are:

  • tomatoes
  • potatoes
  • almost all herbs
  • small fruit trees
  • lettuce
  • radishes
  • corn
  • peas

This is only a very small list of possibilities. Find a windowsill, research hydroponics, or even aquaponics.

Herbs on a windowsill
Herbs on a windowsill

You Don’t Have To Raise Livestock

Homesteading without land does mean that you won’t be raising cows or sheep. However, you can choose rabbits for a garage. Some even raise rabbits in the house! 

You can raise a few quail if you have a place to keep them warm in winter and their noises won’t disrupt the neighbors.

You don’t have to raise any animals honestly. Many homesteaders raise animals to feed their families because they can monitor what products go into the animal. But there are plenty of meat markets and local farms in almost every town that you can now purchase grass-fed beef or pork from.

The same goes with farm-fresh eggs and free-range chicken.

fresh eggs sign
Local eggs for sale

Many Homesteading Skills Require No Land At All

There are so many skills you can learn and perform that require no land at all. These skills take place within the home. Again, this list is long and maybe endless but let’s list a few here.

Homesteading Skills (no land needed)

As you can see, homesteading without land doesn’t limit you at all. You can grow food for your family, have small animals, and perform many skills as a homesteader.

Making candles a skill when homesteading without land
Making homemade candles

So What’s Stopping You?

Now you know there are so many ways you can begin homesteading. What is stopping you?

Final Thoughts:

Does this post reassure you that you can start homesteading without land? Are you ready to start a new lifestyle that you are gonna love?

Tell me your thoughts in the comment box below! And please share some of the ways that you are homesteading without land.

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