With all the events taking place across the globe, more and more people and entire families are turning to a more self-reliant lifestyle and are living from scratch. But what does living from scratch mean exactly? In this post, you will learn exactly what living from scratch means and how you can start learning to live a more self-reliant lifestyle in the process.

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What Exactly is Living from Scratch?

One definition from Merriam Websters Dictionary says “living from scratch means to earn barely enough money to live.” The definition I prefer though is from Cambridge Dictionary which states “from the beginning, without using anything that already exists”. The “from the beginning” is the part we will concentrate on.

If you are taking on a new lifestyle, like being self-reliant, where do you start? From the beginning, of course. And in the beginning, you learn new skills and ways to accomplish what you are setting out to do. That’s what this site is all about!

Self-reliance is in! Learn how you can start living from scratch on your property no matter where you are right now.

Basic Living From Scratch Skills

When you think of the terms “from scratch” what do you think of? Baking homemade bread? Making a meal from scratch? Those are some great examples! Below are some great “from scratch” skills you should be learning.

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