Older furniture often holds sentimental value. Whether that’s something you’ve owned yourself for years or it’s been passed down in the family. Wherever it’s come from or its origin story for it to end up in the home, maintaining old furniture may be important for you. 

Maintaining old furniture though isn’t an easy task. Especially as the older furniture gets, the more vulnerable it becomes to damage. With that in mind, it’s worth knowing exactly how to tackle this older furniture when it comes to cleaning and maintenance in general. Here are some top tips for maintaining old furniture in the home.

Older furniture in your home

Use cleaning services where necessary

Firstly, where it’s necessary and probably better for keeping the furniture in the best condition, use cleaning services. From antique rug cleaning to armchairs and couches, it’s important to use professionals. Especially when it comes to furniture you’re not quite sure about.

While a lot of general cleaning products might be able to do the job, some may be too strong for the type of material you’re using them on. That’s why it’s important to seek professional services to avoid that problem.

Reduce UV light exposure

To help with some furniture, the material used is most likely going to be impacted by UV light exposure. There are very few materials that will be impacted by UV light. So it’s worth keeping these items of furniture out of direct sunlight.

If there’s any way to block the light to protect the furniture or alternatively cover up the light, then do this. It will help keep the material from fading. When it comes to UV light exposure, once it’s been exposed, it’s likely to do some significant damage that’s irreversible.

Curtains in windows of house with older furniture

Clean the home regularly to reduce dust and dirt build-up

Cleaning the home regularly is a good way of staying on top of the cleaning in general. However, when it comes to cleaning the home, reducing dust and dirt build-up is going to protect the older furniture from damage.

Any excess build-up of dust and dirt is likely going to form on the furniture. And then it will become harder to remove. Staying on top of weekly cleans not only benefits the cleanliness of the home but also prevents damage to your beloved furniture.

Choose the right cleaning products for specific surfaces

The right cleaning products are important to get. That way, they’ll avoid any unpleasant and unsightly results. Try to find the specific products needed for the particular material being cleaned or fixed.

There’s a lot of information available online, should you be unsure, so make use of the internet!

Cleaning older furniture

Know when it’s time to get rid

Of course, no one wants to get rid of something that has so much history or memories but everything has its time. If there’s a point at which it needs to go, then listen to your heart. Even if it’s sad to let it go.

Maintaining old furniture can be a great way of keeping a bit of history or your memories within the home for longer, so use these tips to help.

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