Are you looking for ways to make money homesteading? Do you live on one income? Are you looking to supplement the income you already have? Then this is the post for you!

I have compiled a huge list of the many ways you can make money homesteading over the last two years. I have organized them by category to make it easier for you. Most of these ideas involve tasks and materials you may already have or use. I hope you find these suggestions helpful. Here we go…

Barn and farm equipment

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Make Money Homesteading with Animals

These options to make money homesteading include everything from livestock and poultry to bees and mealworms.


  • Sell fresh eggs. Brown eggs sell here where I live for sometimes $3.50 a dozen.
  • Collect fertile eggs and sell them.
  • Sell day old chicks.
  • Sell Pullets
  • Too many chickens? Sell your adults as layers if still producing well.
  • Sell older chickens as stewing hens.


  • Sell rabbits for meat.
  • Sell specialty breeds like Angoras for their fur.
  • Breed and sell those babies.
  • Sell their droppings! Yep, people love bunny poo!


  • Sell for their meat.
  • Breed and sell those babies.
  • Raise hair sheep and sell the hair for fibers.


  • Sell specialty goats for their hair.
  • Breed and sell the kids.
  • Sell their milk. This is very profitable where I live but check first. We can sell goats milk but not for human consumption.
  • Sell the adults for the meat.


  • Sell feathers to crafters.
  • Breed and sell the babies.
  • Sell turkeys for meat. If you time it right, Thanksgiving could be a very profitable time!


  • Breed and sell the piglets.
  • Sell adult pigs for their meat.
  • Raise and provide care for 4-H projects.


  • Sell those calves.
  • Sell the adults for their meat. Black Angus is very popular here, and profitable!
  • Sell your excess dairy.


  • Raise worms and sell them for bait if you live near a fishing source.
  • Start a worm farm and sell to others wanting to start one.
  • Teach people how to do vermicomposting


  • Raise these and sell to chicken farms, they are a treat for chickens


  • Tilapia and other freshwater fish can be sold to local families and even restaurants if you practice aquaponics. Start them in an old swimming pool!
  • Aquaponics vegetables are big sellers too!
  • Sell shrimp or clams you raise in saltwater ponds


  • Raise bees for honey!
  • Sell bees and starter colonies to others wanting to raise bees.
  • Get paid to remove hives for others.

Make Money Homesteading with Plants

These suggestions are few in number compared to the endless possibilities to make money homesteading.


  • Sell your leftover seeds.
  • Collect seeds from your plants at the end of the season and sell them. (especially heirloom seeds)

Starters and Potted Plants

  • Pot up some extra seeds when planting and sell the extra starters.
  • Take cuttings of your plants and sell them once established.
  • Re-pot your perennials when dividing and sell the extras.
  • Sell hemp plants.

Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes

  • Take cuttings and sell once established.
  • Have plenty of berries or an orchard? Start a u-pick business seasonally
  • Have an overabundance of fruit or berries you have no room for? Sell the extras.

Vegetable Garden/Herb Garden

  • Sell that extra produce you harvest.
  • Sell fresh herbs at a market
  • Dry your own herbs and sell them.
  • Make herb blends to sell.
  • Grow extra herbs and find a small restaurant that may buy them from you.
herbs in pots

Flower Garden

  • Sell those beauties to florists.
  • Sell floral arrangements.
  • Dry the petals and make potpourri to sell.
  • Sell the edible petals.


  • Have vines? When cutting them, wrap them in a circle to make wreaths and sell.
  • Too many bulbs? Sell the extras.
  • Do you grow mushrooms? Sell them.

Make Money Homesteading Selling Products

There are so many products to be made with just a little talent and ingenuity. Try your hands with these suggestions to make money homesteading.


  • Create handmade furniture for inside or outside.
  • Make your own DIY cleaners, place them in a pretty sprayer, label, and sell them.
  • Make your own candles and soaps.
  • Design yard signs or custom signs from scraps of wood and a little bit of paint.
  • Make and sell a craft your good at, ie…crocheting, sewing, wood burning. Endless possibilities here.
  • Learn to make a craft from a tree stump.

From the Kitchen

  • Make and sell cookies and cakes for special occasions.
  • Sell homemade bread! Everyone loves homemade bread!
  • Bake and sell homemade pies.
  • Make your own jellies and jams and sell them.
  • Make fudge, chocolate candy and sweets and sell them.
  • Try bottling your own DIY vanilla extract. People will pay good money for this here!
  • Create spice blends in pretty jars with labels and sell them.

Natural Resources

  • Sell Firewood. Make sure it’s split and seasoned for one year!
  • Sell manure.

Make Money Homesteading Offering Your Services

All of these suggestions are ways to use your skills to make money homesteading.

On Your Homestead

  • Start a bed and breakfast if you have the extra bedrooms.
  • Offer a scenic spot to be rented for pictures for weddings and other celebrations.
  • Offer paid tours of your homestead.
  • Teach classes at your homestead on animal care, cleaning hooves, etc…
  • Do you butcher your own animals? Why not offer to do it for others and get paid?
  • Pet sit.
  • Rent pasture land.
  • Rent stalls.
  • Raise animals til butchering time for people who can’t do it themselves.
  • Make a corn maze and offer hayrides in the fall.
  • Freelance
  • Offer photography services if that’s your talent.
  • Start a blog.
  • Do you sew? Offer alterations.
  • Have a yard sale!
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Off the Homestead

  • Start an Etsy shop.
  • Sell items on Craigslist or eBay.
  • Get paid to talk at an agriculture center in your town.
  • Offer classes at a senior center.
  • Work with a 4-H club to provide their animals.

There are so many ways you can make money homesteading! You need to stop and take a look around your homestead. Think about what you can do, sell, and/or make that would bring in more income. I have a friend that sells books she finds from thrift stores on eBay and she makes a fortune sometimes. I have others that sell honey from their hives.

How do you make money homesteading? I would love to hear what you do and would love some more suggestions too! Just leave a comment in the comment box so other readers can learn too.

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