It goes without saying that moving can be a recipe for stress and anxiety – no matter how excited you may be to settle into your new home after moving day. After all, there are many moving mistakes and pitfalls you must avoid, and sometimes finding the right property can be something of a nightmare. 

Once you’ve signed all of the contracts, however, its easy to relax a little as it feels as though the hard work is done. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case – as there are plenty of smaller tasks that you’ve got to complete in order to ensure a seamless and stress-free move. 

With that in mind, here are four things you must do before moving day! 

Family ready for moving day

Forward your mail. 

While writing letters has fallen out of fashion in recent years, you’ll likely still receive some form of postal correspondence to your door. For exmaple, this could include payslips, bank statements, and letters from your doctor/physician.

As this information is incredibly sensitive, it’s important you don’t forget to inform the relevant parties that you’re moving – or arrange for your mail to be forwarded to your new address. Alternatively, you can take an eco-friendly approach and switch to digital correspondence.

Forwarding the mail

Hire a moving company. 

Hiring a moving company, such as  Two Men And A Truck, can help make the big day a lot less stressful for yourself and your family. After all, all of the heavy lifting is done on your behalf, meaning you don’t have to try and figure out how you’re going to move your sofa or other items of bulky furniture to your new home.

This also significantly reduces the chances of any of your belongings getting damaged along the way! As such, it can actually be a great way to save both money and time – but pre-booking is often essential for these services. 

Moving Company

Pack a bag/box of essentials. 

According to a recent study, the average mover will use upwards of 60 boxes to transport their belongings form one home to another. And, after a long and stressful day of moving, the last thing you’ll want to do is search through 60 boxes in search of your toothbrush or phone charger.

As a result, you should set aside a separate bag/box of essentials you’ll need access to immediately upon moving. Ensure the box is the last thing in the moving van and the first thing out of the van, so you don’t lose track of it. It should also be labeled clearly. 

Couple with a packed box

Get all of your documents in order. 

By the time the big day rolls around, you’ll likely have completed endless piles of paperwork. While you may not need access to every document on moving day, having them to hand cannot harm you – and it means you aren’t left scrambling if you’re asked to show them at some point throughout the day.

Ideally, you should have both physical and digital copies of all documents, as this will provide you with extra security should anything get lost or go missing! 

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