If you are reading this, you have probably completed your degree and dietetic internship — congratulations! However, you only have one more obstacle to overcome before you become an RD (Registered Dietitian): the dreaded RD exam. 

Below, we explain why you need the RD exam and provide a simple guide to RD exams that will help you crush yours.

RD Exam

Why Do You Need the RD Exam?

The RD exam tests your knowledge of dietetics and nutrition. When you take and pass it, you earn the national RD credentials, which qualify you for certification or licensure in most states so that you can start working.

Guide To RD Exams

To pass your RD exam, you should:

Start Early

There are a lot of materials on the exam but do not panic. If you start studying early, you will be well prepared.

The RD exam is broken down into four domains:

  • Principles of dietetics (21%)
  • Nutrition Care for Individuals and Groups (45%)
  • Management (21%)
  • Foodservice Systems (13%)

When you have around 4-6 weeks to your exam, spend at least one week reviewing each domain and the remaining weeks completing practice exams.

Make a Schedule

A schedule will help you allocate enough time for your study. To make an effective schedule:

  • Set the best time for you to study.
  • Plan for what information you want to study.
  • Schedule a 10-20 minute break between studies.
  • Spend extra time on materials you are struggling with.

Use Different Study Methods

You can use different methods and techniques to study for RD exams, including:

By alternating between these methods, you can relieve the monotony and gain a new way of thinking about the material.


Do Not Over-Study or Over-Memorize

Take regular breaks between study sessions to refresh your mind and improve recall. Also, only memorize important formulas and values and focus more on understanding concepts.

Exam Day

On the day of your RD exam, you should:

  • Avoid studying further.
  • Eat a heavy breakfast.
  • Take your time when writing the exam.
  • Use the bathroom before the exam begins to avoid wasting time after you press start.

Take Your RD Exams With Confidence

Becoming a registered dietitian is no joke, but you can simplify the process by following the right tips. With the above tips, we believe you will crush your RD exam and become a registered dietitian.

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