When a severe storm hits, it can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. If your home is affected, it’s important to know how to clean up and stay safe. This blog post will discuss the steps you need to take for severe storm recovery and how to stay safe while doing so.

Severe storm damage to roof of house

1) Assess the Damage:

After a storm passes, take a look around your property to assess the damage. Look for downed electrical wires and broken trees or limbs that may be blocking passageways. Note any areas of standing water and flooding from rainwater or backed-up sewers. Additionally, make sure you note any damaged vehicles or other items on your property, as these will require special attention when it comes time to clean up.

2) Contact Insurance/Utilities:

Depending on the severity of the storm and the amount of damage done, you may need help from insurance companies and utility providers. Make sure you have all relevant contact information handy, so you can quickly reach out for assistance if needed.

Insurance claim form for severe storm recovery

3) Clean Up Safely: 

When it comes time to clean up, be sure to do so safely. Wear protective clothing and don’t go in areas that have been compromised structurally or have any standing water, as this could lead to electrocution. Also, use caution when working with heavy debris, such as broken glass or sharp objects.

4) Disinfect: 

After the cleanup is complete, make sure you disinfect any area that was affected by the storm. This includes not only inside your home but outside on the property too. Be sure to wear gloves and protective masks while doing this step to prevent possible contamination from mold or other hazardous materials.

Cleaning with mask and gloves

5) Check for Damage: 

After cleaning up and disinfecting all affected areas, check that everything is functioning properly. Make sure all electrical outlets are properly wired and that no gas leaks have occurred. If you notice any potential issues, contact your utility provider immediately to make sure they can address the problem safely.

6) Seek Assistance: 

If you find that the damage is too much for you to handle on your own, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. There are many companies and organizations that specialize in storm cleanup and recovery services. Additionally, many local government offices provide resources for those affected by severe storms, so it’s worth looking into before making a decision.

Cleanup assistance

7) Get in touch with professionals.

Get a tree removal service in to take care of any fallen trees or branches that could be dangerous. Make sure they are insured, bonded, and have a good reputation. You should also contact your insurance company and file any necessary claims if applicable.

8) Rebuild your garden.

If your garden has been affected by the storm, it’s important to assess the damage and begin repairs as soon as possible. Clean up any debris that may be scattered around and remove any standing water. Create a new garden plan and replenish any soil that may have been washed away.

Severe storm recovery can be devastating, but following these steps can help make cleaning up and recovering safe and efficient. Taking the time to assess the damage, contact insurance providers, clean up safely, disinfect affected areas, check for potential issues with utilities, seek professional help if needed and rebuild your outdoor area will ensure that you are able to get back to living in comfort after a severe storm.

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