To live sustainably is something that the earlier we are introduced to it, the easier it becomes. Instead of making it a huge transition, simply viewing it as a way of life can ensure you have more success. One of the biggest places we need to focus our quest for sustainability is on our children – the next big generation who will impact our planet.

By teaching the next generation all about the importance of being sustainable, what it does and how they can do it can have a much larger impact than you might imagine. If you have children and are wanting to encourage them with this positive message, you might be wondering the best way to do so. Here are some top ways to encourage your children to live sustainably.

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Child watering plants

Get them involved in choosing their food

To a child, it can seem that food just arrives in front of them at the dinner table with no idea of how it got there or where it comes from. The next time you do your food shopping, take them with you and teach them all about farming and the seasonality of items.

Take them to a nearby market where they can choose fresh produce and ensure they know why some items are expensive or how the seasons can impact price and availability. Teach the difference between fair trade and encourage them to pick items they like the look of and to find out more about them.

Why not visit boutique shops with sustainable practices that know their suppliers such as cheese shops or local farm shops. Or why not encourage them to help you garden and grow their own fruit and vegetables in the garden?

Kids at farmers market

Encourage them to ask questions 

Questions are one of the most important forms of learning, so ensure they know they can ask you whatever they like regarding sustainability. Speak to them about it often and ask if they have anything else they might want to know or would like to focus on.

By harnessing their curiosity and feeding their mind it can have a big impact. They might learn about sustainability at school so this could be something you ask their teacher about.

Talking with a child

Inform them about different jobs that can be sustainable or promote sustainability

There are so many different jobs that promote sustainability and in order to encourage your children, inform them about what these are. From working in the ecosystem and recycling field, to being a small producer it can make a difference.

Teach them about farming and things such as agriculture metal fabrication, you could even take a trip to a farm. When here they can see equipment and find out more about how the process of food to table works.

These are just a few things you can do in order to encourage your children to live sustainably. Being as sustainable as possible is one of the best ways to help protect the planet both in the near term and the future to come.

What are some things you do in order to positively encourage the next generation? Let us know in the comments below.

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