You might be pondering going on vacation soon. Everyone needs a break from their home and homestead. This time, you want to leave your state. In fact, you want to go somewhere with a villa.

But you want to make sure that you get a unique one. Like St John villas. But what exactly makes a villa unique? Some of these may fall into the luxury side, so adjust your expectations according to your budget.

Oceanside villa

The Staff

This is what truly makes a villa stand out. They work to ensure that the one you stay at is clean and has all the amenities that you need to ensure that your stay is a good one. An excellent staff can make your vacation memorable.

“How is that different from a hotel or cruise?” you might ask. You’re not sharing hallways and dining rooms with many other people … unless you venture to town and go to a restaurant.

Villa staff

The Pool

Many villas are near the sea. That proximity to the beach and ocean water is one of the selling points for a villa. But there is also something to be said for having a pool right there in your backyard.

A really well-maintained pool can be a great thing to wake up to. If you swim before dawn in the villa pool, you won’t have to worry about any ocean inhabitants. That’s a win right there.

A villa pool

The Cinema Room

Here is where you might be dipping more into the deeper end of the luxury pool. Some villas will have a large television and comfortable sofas to sit back and relax. Then there are ones that give you the movie experience.

There will be a room where there are several large comfortable seats, much like the ones at movie theaters. You can watch movies on the wall, much like you do at the theater. There will likely be a large selection to pick from.

Cinema room

The Gym

You might be able to get your blood flowing at the gym that is at the villa. There may be cardio equipment and weightlifting equipment. A luxury villa may even have a personal trainer there to guide you.

Higher-end luxury villas have those things and other amenities like a yoga room, a massage room, and even a well-lit tennis court in the backyard. If those amenities are there, then you are living your best life. Be sure to research and then go have fun!

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