Homes in non-urban areas or with plenty of space to hide are some of the most targeted properties for a break-in and burglary. For self-reliant homeowners, this could put your property at a bigger risk of being highlighted as a potential target.

You can take many steps to protect your home and deter thieves. But some are bolder and will end up trying to gain access regardless of your security measures. If this happens, you need to know what to do. 

Break in

Contact the Police 

The first thing you should do after a break-in is leave the house and call the police. Many people are tempted to check the house. But you never know who could still be hiding within the property and whether they could become violent if confronted. 

Calling the police enables you to get to the bottom of the problem without putting yourself in danger. The squad will check the house and give you the all-clear if they are satisfied it is safe to enter. From there, you can provide statements that can help with insurance claims and other essentials. 

calling the police

Check The House for Damage And Loss 

Once you are satisfied that the property is safe, you can check the home for any damage and loss. This can include outside and inside. Especially expensive items like jewelry and electronics, while outside, your tomatoes or other crops could have been trampled but it could also leave footprints behind. 

You can also look at where the burglars gained entry. This is usually obvious as there will be broken glass or a damaged door. However, they could have gained entry another way, especially if you left an access point open. 

House after a break-in

Speak to An Attorney 

Although you’re trying to live a self-reliant lifestyle, there are some issues where you must reach out to others. A break-in is one of these issues. Speaking to experienced residential property damage lawyers can help you deal with the issue. And hopefully recoup money for any damages and theft. 

A good attorney will fight for you to get what you deserve. If the culprits are prosecuted, you can put the entire incident behind you, helping you get on with your life and embrace self-reliance.

Talking to an attorney

Secure Your Home 

Break-ins can be a traumatic experience, and you don’t want it to happen again. To ensure you can prevent repeat incidents, you should look at the range of ways you can secure your property. Then you can enjoy peace of mind when at home or on vacation. 

Whether you opt for a security camera, lights, or heavy bolted doors – or even all of these plus more – you can go to bed at night feeling safer. A break-in can make you feel violated beyond belief, so taking steps to stop it from happening again will make things easier, and you’ll eventually come to terms with it. 

Security camera

Feeling Safe 

Everyone should feel safe and secure in their home. After a break-in, it can be difficult to feel comfortable, but these tips can help you feel like your property is safe, and you can take steps to ensure it never happens again. 

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