The Ultimate Guide to Composting at Home

Composting is the process that recycles organic matter into fertilizer which then feeds soil and plants. It provides an ideal environment for bacteria, fungi, and other decomposing organisms to do their jobs. The result is rich “black gold” for your gardens. Every person who wishes to grow a healthy organicallyContinue Reading

10 natural ingredients

Are you ready to start using natural ingredients in your garden? Are you tired of having to worry about what chemicals you are putting in your body? Then this post is for you! Many people are opting for more natural ingredients these days. They are buying more organic foods inContinue Reading

American Beautyberry featured image

The American beautyberry, otherwise called the common names of French Mulberry and beautyberry, is a perennial, deciduous shrub. These native plants to South America, Central America, and the Southeastern United States thrive in hardiness zones 5-11. Callicarpa americana, (c. americana) its scientific name, means beautiful fruit, thus the name beautyberry.Continue Reading

Growing Herbs featured Image

Self-reliance and providing your own food with a vegetable garden seem to go hand in hand, but did you know that growing herbs is also important? By growing your own herbs, you can eliminate the pesticides and chemicals that come with store-bought herbs. From culinary herbs for cooking to medicinalContinue Reading

Self Reliant Gardening featured image

Between food shortages, epidemics, and other situations that the world has experienced lately, more and more families are making the shift towards self-reliant gardening. Many people do not wish to depend on their local grocery store anymore to provide fresh and healthy food for their families. This may become theContinue Reading