Being in a position to upgrade your living room is one of the best things that you can do if you’re feeling a lack of creativity. Sometimes you just need an overhaul in the room that you’re supposed to feel the most relaxed in and if you’re the kind of person who loves to switch up the decor in their home on a regular basis, you know how exciting it can be.

You also probably know how expensive it can be, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make amazing changes to your living room, especially if you are just looking at things like cabinet painting or switching out the accessories to match the season.

There are plenty of things that are inexpensive that you can do to change the look of a room, such as switching the furniture around or giving the door a paint job. We’re going to cover some of those things that you can do below so that you can cheaply upgrade without breaking the bank.

Open Living room with plenty of windows

Switch the furniture around

Be pointing at your TV. It’s the least expensive way to update a room because swapping your furniture around is completely free.

You can give your living room an entirely new look. And you can indulge your need for change without having to open your wallet. If you are nervous about where to do things and where to move things, grab a piece of paper and map out the room as it currently stands on that.

You can then cut out pieces of paper that represent each item of furniture and move them around your pretend room to see how things would look!

Arranging furniture

Go paint shopping.

Painting is the most obvious way that you can upgrade the room cheaply. It’s super cheap to paint a room compared to wallpapering it, and it doesn’t have to take very long.

You could even just paint one wall and it can have an amazing impact. Find the right type of paint and you’ll be off on your way. Make sure that you choose complementary colors because having a room that has been painted and looks too dark or too bright isn’t going to see anybody.

Shopping for paint

Look at your accessories.

The lampshades and the pillows and throws in your living room are all going to have an impactful stop. You can swap the lampshades to a new color to match the paint job.

You can upgrade the cushions and throws to match the season. And you could even go shopping for thrift shop accessories that can upgrade the living room piece by piece.

Couch cushions

It’s time to clean up.

A good way to upgrade your living room without having to spend a penny is to clean it! Editing the clutter, removing all the surface items, and making sure that your living room stands out positively- because it’s tidy – are going to help you to feel great about your space.

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