The longer pests are allowed to stay in a home, the more damage they will wreak. So it’s best to catch a pest infestation early on before it gets out of hand. Because pests can reproduce rapidly if they are allowed to thrive, this will help keep the expense of extermination and any necessary repairs to a minimum. Here are some of the common signs to look out for to see if you have a pest infestation. 

pests infestation in the home

Dead Bugs

Look for dead bugs on window sills and in the basement. If there are a lot of the same kind of bugs, it’s likely that they live there. be sure to clean them up and dispose of them outside the home.


After spending time outside in the summer, it’s common to come home with a few bug bites. But if you start to notice that you’re getting bitten when you wake up or that you have a lot of bites that you can’t attribute to being outside, it may be a sign that you have a pest infestation.

Bug bites on arms


Rodents leave behind unmistakable black pellet droppings that are an easy indicator of an infestation. Do your best to get rid of them as soon as possible if you notice any. They pose a potential health risk.

Active Pests

Even though this may seem obvious, it is very important not to forget that seeing bugs is a sure sign you have a problem. Do some research. Learn how to recognize different pests so you can figure out what kind of pest infestation might be going on. Pests are very good at hiding, so look in places like the kitchen, bathroom, and outside under leaves and rocks.

This infographic might help you determine what kind of pest infestation you have.

Infographic Designed By The Pest Search

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