If you are trying to become more reliant on yourself and less on others, this guide to the best books for self-reliance is for you!

These titles are personally chosen by me and my blogging friends as the best books to help you on your journey down the Road to Reliance. Each one has some great information to help you learn ways of doing things yourself in and out of the home.

These books cover everything including; prepping skills, gardening skills, farm skills, and home skills. You should be able to find many to new skills to learn and many ways of increasing your skill set in some areas as well. I have linked the top three in each category for you.

I own most of the books listed here, and I recommend each and every one of them. I do have each one linked with an affiliate link, but don’t worry, you still get the best price. I, however, make a small commission when you buy them which helps me pay to keep this site live and providing great information for you. These books make great Christmas gifts too!

Books for Self-Reliance

Just so you know: This post contains affiliate links; if you click on a link and make a purchase I might make a small commission, but it does not affect the price you pay! For more information, please see my Affiliate Disclosure.

Prepping Skill Books For Self Reliance

Preppers Guide To Survival Off The Grid: How To Be Self-Sufficient And Self-Reliant WhenSociety Crashes And The Lights Go Out

Preppers Guide To Survival Off The Grid

This book is all about preparing for any disaster and how to keep your family safe by making simple cost-effective changes. This book was published in July of this year so it is up to date.

Author: Johnathan Nash

Number of Pages: 198

Special Notes: This book is available as a FREE Kindle Unlimited Read as of November, 2022.

Survival Food To Stockpile: Master the Art of Stockpiling With a Definitive List of Emergency Supplies for You and Your Family to Survive Any Crisis in the Safety of Your Own Home

Survival Food Stockpile

This is an excellent guide if you are trying to build a food pantry in your home in order to be better prepared. It is very comprehensive and has many things listed and explained you may not think about. Published in May of 2022.

Author: Raymond L Hillman

Number of Pages: 114

Special Notes: For the smaller number of pages this book has, the information is packed! This is one of my absolute favorite books! This book is available as a FREE Kindle Unlimited Read as of November, 2022. However I really recommend buying the paperback with this one at about $15 currently.

The Forgotten Skills of Self-Sufficiency Used By The Mormon Pioneers

Forgotten Skills of Self Sufficiency

This is Book 1 of a series of 4 books. This is a hefty book, and will take you some time to consume! I received this entire series as a gift and have learned so much from all of the books in this series. Written in 2011, this entire series could be a complete library for you. And at less than $30USD to buy the whole set what do you have to lose?

Author: Caleb Warnock

Number of Pages: 269

Special Notes: As of November, 2022, this is a FREE Kindle Unlimited Read, however, I recommend buying not only this book but the entire series, and a few highlighters and a notebook for this one!

General Self-Reliance Skills Books for Self-Reliance

Attainable Sustainable: The Lost Art of Self-Reliant Living

Attainable Sustainable: The Lost Art of Self-Reliant Living

This hefty book is a must-have for everyone! Written by a fellow blogger in my niche, this book is the end all, be all for anyone practicing self-reliant living. She covers everything in her book from gardening to recipes. Her website is as awesome as her book! This is a hardcover book so it will last forever!

Author: Kris Bordessa

Number of Pages: 320

Special Notes: This book is voted Best How To Book 2020 by the American Society of Journalists and Authors! You can visit her website at Attainable Sustainable.

Encyclopedia Of Country Living, 50th Anniversary Edition: The Original Manual For Living Off The Land And Doing It Yourself

Encyclopedia of Country Living

This is one of the most popular books for homesteaders, farmers and those living a self-reliant life. Over 50 years old, this classic still applies to todays times. This is a HEFTY book that you will want to order in paperback because I promise you will go back to this book constantly!

Author: Carla Emery

Number of Pages: 928

Special Notes: This book is chosen as #1 — The Best Country and Rural Living Books and #1 — 15 Best Homesteading Books for Beginners in 2021!

The Self-Sufficient Life and How To Live It: The Complete Back To The Basics Guide

the Self Sufficient Life and How To Live It

Another hefty must-have for the person wanting to learn all they can about self-reliance. This is an updated, hardback edition of the original book from the author. Although the original is about 40 years old, this is another timeless treasure you should have in your must-read books.

Author: John Seymour

Number of Pages: 408

Special Notes: Although the author died in 2004, he has many other books you would be interested in. You can check them out on his author page on Amazon.

Gardening Skills Books For Self Reliance

Mini Farming: Self Sufficiency on a Quarter Acre

Mini Farming

Believe it or not, this book will teach you to how to produce 85% of your families food on just a quarter of an acre. I don’t think there is anything else that could be added to this book to make it any better. From planning through preserving and more this books has it all.

Author: Brett L. Markham

Number of Pages: 240 pages

Special Notes: This book comes in every option including an audible version. I definitely recommend the hardback version if you can find it.

The Modern Homestead Garden: Growing Self-sufficiency in Any Size Backyard

the Modern Homestead Garden

If you follow the YouTube Channel, The Rusted Garden, then you will be familiar with the author of this book. It is an extension of the wonderful instructional content he shares in his videos. This book covers all aspects of gardening from getting started to troubleshooting.

Author: Gary Pilarchik

Number of Pages: 160

Special Notes: If you haven’t already, check out Gary’s YouTube Channel.

The First-Time Gardener: Growing Vegetables: All the know-how and encouragement you need to grow – and fall in love with! – your brand new food garden (Volume 1)

The First Time Gardener

This is another book written by an experienced gardener and YouTuber! This complete gardening book is one everyone should own. From where to put your garden to how to control the pests, this is a complete guide that honestly, leaves nothing to question.

Author: Jessica Sowards

Number of Pages: 176

Special Notes: Be sure to watch Jessica’s YouTube Channel, Roots and Refuge Farm, and follow her homesteading journey in her new home!

Home and Health Skills Books For Self-Reliance

YourBack to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills Attractive Heading

Back to the Basics

This is the updated version of the original and one of the best books for beginners wanting to learn home skills and to become more self-reliant. This book does exactly what it says and covers the basics. A great starter book for new homesteaders and seasoned one’s as well.

Author: Abigail Gehring

Number of Pages: 456

Special Notes: You will love the “traditional skills” mentioned in this book that some books seem to fail to mention!

Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health: 175 Teas, Tonics, Oils, Salves, Tinctures, and Other Natural Remedies for the Entire Family

Rosemary Gladstone

If you know anyone who studies or uses herbs, they will know and recommend this book! This renown herbalist provides over 150 recipes to improve your health and more in this awesome printed book. This will be a book you will definitely get your money’s worth of trusted recipes for.

Author: Rosemary Gladstar

Pages: 400

Special Notes: You are going want to check out Rosemary Gladstar’s Author Page on Amazon to see her other books!

The Naturally Clean Home: 150 Super-Easy Herbal Formulas for Green Cleaning

Naturally Clean Home

Another resource from a well-established author. This book teaches you everything you need to know to clean your home naturally and more healthy. You will want to ditch the chemicals after purchasing this one! You can even clean your car more naturally!

Author: Karyn Siegel Maier

Number of Pages: 223

Special Notes: You can visit the authors website Herbal Musings for even more great information!

Final Thoughts…

I have tried to share with you only the most helpful books that I personally own and use on a regular basis. There are plenty more books available though! I hope you find these as helpful as I have!

Do you own any of the books above? Or do you have any books for self-reliance that you would recommend? Please drop me a note in the comments below and share your suggestions with me so I can share them with my readers!

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