Your dream kitchen might have served you better during Christmas and the holidays. But the new year is an excellent time for renovation because builders have less work. They will also likely offer good deals. But there are some things you need to consider. Here are some of them.

Oak kitchen

Check Out Current Trends for Inspiration

It’s always a good idea to build your dream kitchen and not what everyone else is doing. Having said that, you can use trends to find some inspiration and ideas.

Sites like Pinterest are great for visuals. And you can use interior design magazines for information. For example, when deciding on an Apron sink vs Farmhouse sink, you need to find the one that suits your kitchen best. Magazines and design websites can guide you through the specifics of these.

Farmhouse sink

See Where Your Dream Kitchen Can Save Money

You can start remodeling your dream kitchen with the wrong ideas about how to save money. Because of this, you need to know the best ways to save money.

For example, DIY isn’t always cheaper, despite what most people think. Especially if there is a chance of making mistakes.

And replacing an old or inefficient appliance can save money over time. You can also save money and do your part for sustainability and the environment by upcycling, recycling, and reusing items.

New appliances

Consider How You Eat as a Family

Even though many families have a dining room, they choose to eat together in the kitchen. So you need to think about this when choosing the features for your new layout.

A convenient island counter, a table, and chairs if there is a room, or even a built-in booth at a bay window are all popular choices. Before figuring out the finer details, you need to choose a layout that works for your dining needs. This will help the builders and you to save money in the long run on your dream kitchen.

Island to eat at

Find a Reputable Contractor

Not only should you help your builders, but you should also take the time to find a good service. Find a builder who can help you with everything about your new dream kitchen.

This includes planning the layout and finding the best place to buy materials at the best price. A good builder will also be able to help you deal with problems that are common.

You can do this with sites that compare contractors. You can also Google the name of the service to see if there are reviews.

Kitchen contractor

Renovate in the Right Order

As with any job, doing things in the right order will make it easier. An expert contractor will almost always follow the correct procedure.

But if you do the work yourself, there is a right way to do things in the kitchen you need to know about. This is how most experts will do the work:

  1. Plan out where everything will be best placed.
  2. Take care of any drywall or insulation installation.
  3. Get someone to paint your walls and ceiling.
  4. Install your carpets, tiles, or wood floors.
  5. Build the kitchen cabinets and counters and put them in place.
  6. Install sinks and faucets in the kitchen.
  7. Get an electrician to fix or install the lights.
  8. Install your backsplash.
  9. Last, install your big appliances correctly.

Some changes and variables can happen and can change how things may go. But this is the way that most people remodel their dream kitchen.

Following this plan means you avoid mistakes and cause minimal interruptions to each step in the process. Then it’s just a case of your finishings.

remodeling a kitchen

Don’t Forget About Lighting

In the last few years, we’ve all learned how important lighting is. Modern lighting is important to think about because it has to be flexible, long-lasting, and useful.

There are a lot of choices out there these days. You can choose LED lights that use less power and are brighter, and have a better range of colors. You can also save money by using practical options like lighting under the cabinets, lighting above the cabinets, or motion-activated lighting in seldom-used areas.

Kitchen lighting

Work with What You Have

Often, you can’t make many changes to the structure, so you may have to make do with what you have for your dream kitchen. But you can make some important changes that will make your kitchen a more modern place.

For example, removing or reducing a wall can often make a big difference in small, closed-off kitchens. Any changes you make should make the room flow better. For example, try to shorten the distance between the sink, the fridge, and the stove.

Small kitchen

Set Aside Extra Money when Renovating Your Dream Kitchen

When you remodel to have a dream kitchen, most people won’t tell you that it will cost more than you expect. Even if you have the best budget plan, you still need to plan for the worst.

Setting aside about 15% of the total budget you expect is one of the best ways to greatly reduce problems. So, if you think your dream kitchen will cost $10,000, save another $1,500 for a total of $11,500.

This can help with things like backup plans, losses, and changes at the last minute that typically add more costs.

Saving money

Consider the Costs of Luxury Extras

There are some things you can add to your dream kitchen that you know will take it to the next level. Modern examples include a built-in wine cooler or hot drink machine, and a carbonated instant boiling water tap.

These are great things to have, and they will make your kitchen great for sure. But they are hard to set up and maintain.

However, you must also consider the fact that they will cost a considerable amount of money to put them in later when your kitchen is finished.

wine cooler in kitchen


Going into the new year with a dream kitchen design will definitely be a good start. However, there are many things you must consider and be aware of to avoid disappointment.

Look at trends for inspiration, renovate in the right order and decide on extras if you have the budget.

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